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StrongPoints® is an advising and personal coaching program found only at Meredith that's designed to ensure our students make the most of college.

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Alayna Bolyard

For Meredith psychology major Alayna Bolyard, ’16, participating in an internship helped define her career path.

Alejandra Solares de la Campa

Alejandra Solares de la Campa's Meredith experience included multiple internships in her field.

Alex Herel

Alex Herel's Meredith experience prepared her to become an effective, confident teacher.

Assistant Director Receives Award from State Association
Caitlin Chastain

Caitlin Chastain, '19, developed a "Tranquility Suite" for nursing home patients.

Emily Kelleher

Emily Kelleher found support in developing her long-term plan through the general education program and StrongPoints.

Jessica Feltner

Armed with her Meredith degree in history, Jessica Feltner pursued a master’s degree in Asian Studies at UC-Berkeley.

Laura Dugom

A senior biology major with a chemistry minor, Laura Dugom, ’16, discovered at Meredith a desire to work in healthcare.