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Allison Pappas

I want to ensure the work I do creates the best atmosphere for those who practice social work

Amy Poonnak

Amy Poonnak is excited about using her science knowledge to help alleviate pain and change lives through dentistry.

Ann Cox

International studies major, Meredith Votes participant, and president of the History and Politics Club Ann Cox, ’18, said her love of politics was encouraged at Meredith.

Arielle Boland

History major Arielle Boland, '17, made the most of her experiences as an honors student.

Avoneè Simmons

Studying at Meredith College was an empowering experience for fashion major Avoneè Simmons. 

Briana Landis

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of four, Briana Landis, ’19, has never wanted her disease to define her. Instead, she wants to use her diagnosis to help others. 

Carol Jablonski

Presidential Scholar Carol Jablonski, '20, looks forward to community outreach opportunities at Meredith.

Christa Allen

Through determination and perseverance, Christa Allen secured two ideal internships that opened post-grad opportunities.

Cody Jeffery

Multiple internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, and involvement in campus life prepared Cody Jeffery for success.

Emily Hawkins

Emily Hawkins, '15, is on a mission to elect the first female U.S. President.