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Strong Story | Kerrigan Gudger

Honors student and Paschal Scholar Kerrigan Gudger, ’16, plans to apply to veterinary school after graduating from Meredith. An internship with the Conservators Center allowed her to work with “exotic” animals, which will help her determine her area of specialization when she goes to vet school.

Strong Story | Rimsha Afzal

At Meredith College, Rimsha Afzal, ’15, was able to pursue both of her passions: theatre and biology.

Strong Story | Tia Joyce

2016 Senior Strong Story featuring legacy scholar, Tia Joyce.

Amy Poonnak

Amy Poonnak is excited about using her science knowledge to help alleviate pain and change lives through dentistry.

Asha Tuli

Having lived in five countries and attended four schools, one thing Asha Tuli, ’17, has learned is adaptability.

Ashley Souza

Through internships Ashley Souza, '16, discovered her passion for veterinary medicine.

Briana Landis

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of four, Briana Landis, ’19, has never wanted her disease to define her. Instead, she wants to use her diagnosis to help others. 

Destiny McDuffie

Destiny McDuffie, '16, gained valuable experience at Meredith that gave her an edge for grad school.

Elizabeth Marshall

Biology and international studies major Elizabeth Marshall pursued multiple opportunities to conduct research.

Emily Woolard

Emily Woolard explored her three majors through undergraduate research and study abroad.