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Strong Story | Megan Amanatides

Megan Amanatides, ’15, has grown as a leader, an athlete, and a scholar while at Meredith.

Alyssa Codispoti

As a student-athlete and member of the National Guard, Alyssa Codispoti plans to be an officer in the military.

Andie Stuber

Meredith College was a perfect fit for Andie Stuber

Angie Ramkellawan

Watch strong senior Angie Ramkellawan, a business administration major, talk about her Meredith experience

Barkley Takes on New Role with Meredith College Athletics
Carla Lunday

Internship experience gave Carla Lunday a head start on her career.

Jasmine Aguinaldo

Jasmine Aguinaldo used her passion for volleyball, roller coasters, and people to shape her Meredith experience.

Jennifer Halvorson

Jennifer Halvorson is a student-athlete with the drive and determination to succeed on the field, in the classroom, and in her career.

Jessi Hayes

At Meredith, Jessi Hayes fulfilled her dream of playing collegiate basketball while also being an academic achiever.

Karlie Long

Karlie Long, a member of the volleyball team, graduated as one of the most decorated players in Meredith Athletics history.