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Italian Minor

The minor in Italian Studies involves course work in Italian language, culture, and civilization, and may be obtained by taking 18 hours of intermediate-level courses at Meredith, a CRC institution, and/or through study abroad.

Italian Studies Minor - 18 hoursITA - 205: Intermediate Italian I (3 cr.)
ITA - 206: Intermediate Italian II (3 cr.)
Electives chosen from the following (9)
ART - 221: Survey Western Art: Ancient-Early Renaissance (3 cr.)
ART - 222: Survey Western Art: High Renaissance-Modern (3 cr.)
ART - 323: Topics in Art History (3 cr.)
FL - 285: Italian Cuisine and Culture (3 cr.)
LAT - 205: Intermediate Latin I (3 cr.)
LAT - 206: Intermediate Latin II (3 cr.)
Study in Italy
Electives approved by adviser
Some courses must be taken either at North Carolina State University or through study abroad.

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Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures; Department Head
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